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I’m bored and sick and I need something to do.

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Wisdom comes from the inner feminine that exists within all beings. In today’s society, women are portrayed as “lesser” citizens, and one of the worst things you can compare the modern man to, is a woman.

This is a mass deception and programming and it SHOWS. I mean, the majority of the male populace, and this is especially reflected in today’s youth, appear to be rather.. Well, REALLY dumb.

They suppress the emotional side of themselves which aids in clearer thinking and decision making. Deliberately polarizing their minds and actions all for the sake of “masculinity.” How incredibly naïve. I pray my generation will realize that BOTH are necessary, and BOTH exist within us.

To continue to oppress women is to oppress and deny the infinite potential that is the divine feminine to flow within you, where true wisdom resides. We as male and female entities are not halves of wholes. We are whole within our selves, both energies immersed in one being. But how can we be truly whole if we continue to oppress, suppress, and deny one of the most sacred and beautiful parts of ourselves? Don’t be manipulated into such tiny thinking.

We are not JUST Yang, and we are not JUST Yin. We are both. Reclaim your true power, become whole within your own being. Realize who you REALLY are, not who you have been conditioned to think you are. Do you really want your self description to be based on opinions of the masses, do you REALLY even care? Get in touch with that inner space, and watch just how much your world will change around you.


things ppl rly need to stop glorifying

  • not going outside
  • having social anxiety
  • being socially awkard
  • spending all of your time on the internet
  • not talking to people 
  • disliking people

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